1. forsake, desert, leave behind, throw over, jilt, run out on, Inf. leave flat, turn one's back on, Sl. give the deep six; ignore, cut off, neglect, ostracize; leave, depart, quit, go away from, vacate, evacuate.
2. discard, cast off, jettison, throw away, get rid of, toss out, throw out, (of cards) throw in, Inf. ditch, Inf. chuck, Sl. deep-six.
3. discontinue, give up, retire from, withdraw from, stop, end, cease, Inf. quit cold; throw up, lose hope of, despair of; forbear, desist from, drop; forgo, do or go without, dispense with, waive, lay aside.
4. repudiate, reject, disown, renounce, wash one's hands of; renege, forswear, disavow, disclaim, recant, (usu. under oath) abjure; bail out, bow out, pull out of, Inf. back out of, back-pedal, Inf. back away from or off on, Inf. cop out; betray, turn traitor, Sl. sell down the river, Sl. rat out or rat out on; defect, apostatize.
5. relinquish, abnegate, let go, deliver up, turn over to; surrender, concede, yield, submit, Sl. throw in the towel or the sponge; resign, abdicate, give up.
6.(of oneself) give way to, lose oneself in, yield to; indulge, gratify, wallow in, carouse, dissipate.
1. lack of restraint or self-control, unrestraint, lawlessness, surrender to impulse; licentiousness, wantonness, dissipation, profligacy; intemperance, incontinence, Obs. immoderation.
2. enthusiasm, spirit, élan, animation; verve, dash, life, vigor, ardor, It. brio; spontaneity, impetuosity, freedom.

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